Exclusive range of hand embroidered designer dresses. Hand Embroidery Beading Workshop in Mumbai, India.

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Hand Embroidery Designs for Export : Imroz Fashions

Manufacturers & Exporters of Hand Embroidery Beading.

The sublime magic of Fashion Embroidery.

The very best thing we do is to articulate the designer's fantasy to reality. Our hand work beaders are only interested in conceptualizing what is pure fantasy into forms so real, you can touch them. If you want to leave the details of the embroidery selection up to us, we would be quite happy to sort all that stuff out. And what we will conceive, you can be sure will reflect originality, personality and enthusiasm. However if you have something in mind, just lay down the law. And we will ensure that the sense of itself, in that little being, at its core, is what it always was in your mind.

The fascination that surrounds Hand-work embroidery beading is in the ethereal quality about it. Airy, rarefied, insubstantial, dainty and unearthly....the human hand can wrought celestial magic too. When our Beaders pursue their craftsmanship, it leads to a religious feeling of a special sort.

The Designer creates an Artwork. The inspiration for this Artwork is the World at large. It is as creative a process as a Painting or a Poem. No amount of Education or a University degree can help you paint or write a poem. It is the Artist within each one of us that can attain it. The Artwork of the Designer is one such output.

We, at Imroz Fashions, India's premier company engaged in the Manufacture and Export of Indian hand embroidered clothings, want to harness this creative energy, into an Embroidery pattern. Paper patterns is the only manner, at present, to bring that which was airy-fairy into a life form. A stencil of the pattern is prepared with a mere needle. Then just as the fabric is laid out on a wooden frame, the Beader's vehicle of thought, the stencil gets stamped with a white powder.The Beader then takes over and shapes the Designer's fantasy, with a crochet hook or a sewing needle.

A flair for fantasy.

The alchemy of Vision with Virtuosity.

Embellish and flaunt your indulgence.

We offer an exclusive range of hand work embroidered designer dresses, to make your presence felt at all occasions. Source Hand Beading in Mumbai, India.