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Hand Embroidery Designs for Export : Imroz Fashions


Hand Embroidery Designing occupies a stellar role.

It is a full time creative activity for us. The Designer must feel fulfilled. The Beader must feel proud of his craftsmanship. And the Client must let out a delicious cackle of a laugh.
Then it truly makes for a worthy accomplishment all around.

Fabric Sourcing.

Then there is the range of fabric to be sourced. In a dynamic market this sometimes means searching for the proverbial needle.


Dyeing is another activity, where a color standard specified by the clients needs to be adhered to. And Color like Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To maintain a color consistency in fabric is an achievement all by itself.

Material Sourcing.

Consider a new material that the client wants in his swatch. To source that from the ends of the earth is a jolly joy of a miracle.


All of the above begins with a mere Sample. It culminates in adhering to time schedules and meeting deadlines. And then one would not have entirely wasted one's life.

A flair for fantasy.

The alchemy of Vision with Virtuosity.

Embellish and flaunt your indulgence.

Imroz Fashions : We specialize in Hand Embroidery and Beading work.